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Setting up your coreplus account

A brief outline of what you need to do to set up your new coreplus account

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Welcome to coreplus! Getting started is a breeze. Creating a new workspace is exciting, so we've made this guide to help you make your account your own.

We'll go through some of coreplus' basic settings to efficiently navigate through our platform, at the same time making the most out of coreplus by personalising it, creating templates, and setting up your workflows.

Let's get started!
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This article includes:

Import your Data

Let us help you tick off a big task on your checklist! If you're coming from another practice management software, or you already have a client list, we can import your client details, referrer details, and service types FOR FREE. See Import data into coreplus for full instructions.

Alternatively, you can add your client details, referrers details, and service types manually, by following these guides:

3. Add your service types

Set up your account information

Next is to set up your account information. The My Account section in coreplus is where you can add or edit your account name (this is the name our support team will be able to find you and your team under when contacting us), your subscription, and your users.

πŸ’‘ Only supervisor users can access the My Account section

2. Subscribe to coreplus

Add your team

Bring along your team! Add in your business partner, practitioners, and your admin team - receptionists, accountants, and other front desk staff to coreplus.

πŸ’‘ A new user can only be added by a Supervisor

1. Set them up as new users so they can log into coreplus too (they'll have their own username and password)

2. Manage their feature permissions to restrict or allow access to certain features of coreplus.


As they say, location is key! Let your clients know where your practice is located.

1. Add in your practice location to run your entire practice within the one coreplus account. Once this is set up, this will enable you to add provider numbers, allocate clients and appointments to different locations.

2. If you offer remote services via Telehealth, we've got you covered too! You can create 'Online' or 'Telehealth' as an additional or primary practice location name, to facilitate accurate online bookings and contextual appointment reminders.

πŸ’‘ You can have as many practice locations on your account as you want. Yes, you read it right!

Your Calendar

Your calendar is the heart of your practice. You want to be certain that you have everything you already need set up before tackling the day to provide the best information available to your administrative team and to your clients.

1. Set up your calendar schedule and start booking your clients in

2. Add in your appointment types for context (and add a splash of colour to your calendar!)

πŸš€ Recommended Add Ons

1. Client Portal for Online Bookings is a free customisable online booking system that you can link to your website or Facebook bookings, that reads your availability dynamically, and sends bookings straight into your calendar

2. Telehealth by coreplus is our native telehealth which is designed to deliver a high quality, APP compliant, secure, and simple experience for both you and your clients. You can also use it for your team meetings.

3. HealthEngine to grow your client base, boost your reputation and deliver better patient care with appointment referrals directly into your coreplus calendar.


Once a client has been seen, invoicing is next. Organise your service types and your invoice templates to ease your invoicing processes.

1. Add your service types and apply billing information to the invoice

2. Create an invoice template to customise what your recipient sees when they receive an emailed or printed invoice.

πŸš€ Recommended Add Ons

1. Medicare for our plus subscribers. This will allow you to directly bill and claim your Medicare/DVA processes for FREE.

2. Tyro for processing health fund claims and taking payments in person

3. Pin Payments for your online payments to facilitate an instant online payment. This will allow you to process payment for your client's session without them physically having to be present.


Sending a reminder to your clients prior to their appointment via an SMS or Email assists in reducing no-shows and cancellations within your practice. Customise it in a way that you like or use our default template.

1. Set up Email and/or SMS appointment reminder templates to send to your clients to remind them of their upcoming appointments.

πŸ’‘ SMS appointment reminder replies come back into coreplus so you see the client's response, email appointment reminder replies don't

πŸš€ Recommended Add On

2. Snapforms for your online forms solution is a great add-on to enable you to create and receive secure digital forms of client registration, intake, referrals, signed consent, assessments, and more. You can load the forms' URL into your SMS and email workflows in coreplus or simply access the form as needed on arrival or during an appointment.

Case Notes

We know case notes are a vital part of practice management, so we know you'll love this next step!

1. Make your life easier by setting up a case note template and use shortcuts to write those treatment notes faster!


We're almost there!

1. Set up letter templates to save you time. This is an efficient tool for your repetitive communications to your referrers, clients, and other contacts.

πŸš€ Recommended Add On

1. Secure Messaging for our plus users. Take advantage of this FREE add-on for you to transmit patient information via a government-approved method.

​Aaaand with just that you're all set! You and your team are now ready to practice happy!

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