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Import data into coreplus

Easily import your clients, referrers, case notes, appointments, invoices, service type details and more into coreplus

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New customers to coreplus can take up our offer of a once-off, free data import for the following items:

  • Clients

  • Referrers & Clinics

  • Service Types

  • Appointments

  • Medications

  • Invoices

  • Case Notes

  • Referrals

What you need to do

1. Decide what you wish to have imported, and then click on the various options below to download the templates:

2. Populate the templates: The columns are the fields that we can import.

It is vital that no extra columns are added and the order of the columns is not changed. Follow the format of the examples in the first rows as a guideline for entering your data.

πŸ›‘ The Green columns are mandatory

πŸ›‘ Ensure that you have set up your Users and Sites in your coreplus account prior to the import as these are mandatory fields in the majority of template and they will need to match what is active within your coreplus account.

πŸ›‘ An address will require all 3 fields to be valid, Postal Address, Suburb and Postcode

3. Upload your completed templates into your coreplus account - do not email these to us. To upload, from the Dashboard, click on Files and Personal Files. You can then either drag and drop the files or click Upload:

4. Contact the Success Team at to let us know this step has been completed.

5. Our team confirm it's ready to go and proceed with the import and once completed we will contact you. Please allow 10 business days for the data import.Β 

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