Adding referrers to your coreplus account is essential to start creating referrals for client files, creating referrer reports and tracking the number of sessions a client has had. 

Adding referrer clinics is a great way to organise your referring doctors. The feature allows you to track referrers who work at multiple practices and different referrers working at the same practice.

This article will step you through the process for adding both to your account!

Adding a new Referrer

1. From the Dashboard, click Setup, then Referrers

. Click the Add referrer button at the top of the page 

3. Enter the referrers details, and either type the name of an existing clinic in the
Link a Clinic field (or click the Add clinic button for a new clinic)

4. Add the referrers provider number and any other details, then click the Save button

Adding a new Clinic

1. From the Dashboard, click Setup, then Referrers

2. Click the Add clinic button at the top of the page 

💡 If you have created referrers with no clinic, an Unknown Clinic will appear at the top of your clinics list, this will always remain at the top.

3. Enter the clinic details, and either click the Save button or the Save & link a referrer button

📝 The Save & link a referrer button is useful when the referrer already exists in your coreplus account, but you need to add a new location or provider number for them. 

4. Type in their name, then update their details for that clinic and click the Save button

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