Creating invoice print templates is a great way to customise what information the recipient sees when they receive an emailed or printed invoice. This is particularly useful for third parties where client information needs to be de-identified. You have the option to create and customise as many templates as you like so this can aid your practice to differentiate between the multiple types of recipients like your clients and third parties such as insurers, employers and referrers.

  1. Start off from the Dashboard, then click on Setup and select Settings from the drop down menu.

2. Under Templates, click on Invoices.

📝 In the scenario where you don't see Invoices under templates, ask one of the Supervisors within your practice to review your Feature Permissions

3. Click on Add Template.

4. Commence with populating the fields such as name, description and any other components you wish to customise.

💡 If you are having issues with the size or positioning of your invoice image, try change the dimensions of the image to 750 x 300 pixels

5. Under the Display category, tick which areas you'd like to see on the template.

6. To customise what elements are displayed on the invoice, select Edit Fields.

7. Tick the elements you want presented and then close the pop up box.

📝 If you wish to have the recipient's referral, employer, insurer or family member details listed on their invoice, you will need to have entered this prior using this invoice print template.

8. Once you're happy with your invoice print template, click Save Template.

💡 To learn how to apply your newly created invoice print template, click here!

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