Sending off a reminder to your clients prior to their appointment via email can assist with reducing no shows or cancellations within your practice. We provide you with a default template and give you the option to customise it in a way that you like!

💡 Only Supervisors can create/edit email appointment reminder templates

1. From the Dashboard, click Setup then select Settings

2. In Templates, click Email Appointment Reminder

3. Select the time frame for when the email reminder will be sent to the client

4. Set the email address you'd like the email reminders to be sent from

💡 The email address you set here will apply for all appointments across your practice

5.  Set the template text for the email reminder as you please

💡 Placeholders populate applicable content that is listed in the appointment's details into the email reminder. As an example, if you were to use the &location& placeholder, this will include the appointment's location within the email reminder

6. Click Preview Sample Email to see what the email reminder will look like

7. Once you've finished setting your email reminder template up, click Save

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