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Your calendar schedule

Set up your calendar schedule and make yourself available to start booking in clients

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Keep organised by setting up your availability with a calendar schedule. Add in set break times, block out times for admin, leave or public holidays and show your availability with colour, making it simple and easy for a reception team to book in clients.Β 

πŸ“We highly recommend setting Allocation blocks to colour code your availability

πŸ’‘A Supervisor can create, edit and delete a schedule for a Case Manager. Many schedules can be created per practitioner, as long as these schedules do not clash

Creating your calendar schedule

1. From the left-hand menu panel in your Calendar, click on Create ScheduleΒ Β 
​2. Select the Practitioner whom this schedule will apply to from the drop-down menu
​3. Determine the schedule frequency: every week, every 2nd week, every 3rd week, or once a month

4. Select the Date Range for the schedule frequency - schedules can only be set for a maximum future length of 12 months.
​5. If applicable, select an Add On that you are publishing your schedule to,
​6. Select your days active, that is days that this schedule applies to
​7. Define your Sessions and Break and the Location (practice) they are set to
​8. Once you are happy with your schedule, select Save Schedule

πŸ’‘ The details you define here will apply to the days you have selected in a previous step

πŸ’Ž We suggest reviewing schedules as an annual activity, much like taxes and birthdays. Select a date that is easily remembered or has significance and set it as your schedule review deadline.

πŸ’Ž If you are starting out in practice, just signed up to a virtual reception team service or using the free coreplus online booking system (Client Portal), we suggest opening your schedule to longer hours so that you can capture more clients during these early phases. You can always reduce hours down, or reschedule clients to a more suitable time once you have built rapport.

Editing your calendar schedule

1. From the left-hand menu panel in your Calendar, click on Create Schedule
​2. Select the schedule you wish to edit

3. Make any required changes

4. Once finalised, click on Save and Update

πŸ’‘ You can always go back and edit an existing schedule

Adding in a Strict Break or a One-off schedule

Follow the steps of 'creating a schedule however, select one of the below options instead:
- Ticking Strict Break enforces no appointments are booked during a scheduled break. Leaving it un-ticked, brings up a warning for the user making a booking that they are about to book an appointment during a scheduled break

- The One-off schedule is a great tool to use when scheduling leave, or if for a period of time you or one of your contractors is working a special roster

πŸ’‘ Strict Break or a One-off schedule

πŸš€ You can publish your schedule for online bookings via our below add-ons:

Multi-Apply schedule

1. Go to Calendar and click on View Schedule

2. Open the desired schedule and click Multi-Apply this Schedule

3. Tick the relevant users, select the date range and click Apply

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