Getting started with coreplus

Creating and setting up your coreplus account, training guides and coreplus basics!

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Exploring coreplus Features | Videos

Watch helpful videos cover some main features of coreplus!

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My Account

Add or Edit your account details, manage your subscription plan, view invoices and add new users.

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Client Files and Information

Manage your client’s personal and clinical information

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Calendar and Appointments

Everything you need to know about your calendar, schedules and appointments to get the most out of your day

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Communicate with your clients, your team and your referrers

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Practice Management

Some coreplus basics, tips and tricks on how to streamline your practice and reduce cancellations.

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Telehealth by coreplus

High quality, APP compliant, private, secure and simple video consulting tool

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Client Portal

An online booking portal for your clients

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Invoicing, payments and purchases

Everything you need to know to keep your finances in order

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Medicare, DVA and NDIS

Everything you need to know about processing Medicare, DVA or NDIS claims.

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Account Security, Privacy and Subscription

Create and manage your users, set their access and permissions, change your coreplus subscription

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Reports and Data Management

Explore your coreplus data for insights into your business or back up your files

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Hearing Services

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Find all of our most frequently asked questions to each section here!

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The coreplus newsletter

A publication of everything that happened the last fortnight

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Ideas portal

Submit an idea for consideration by the coreplus user community

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