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How to guide on how to register your practice for Secure Messaging

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πŸ’‘ Secure messaging is only available on the plus plan.

Register for Secure Messaging:

1. From your dashboard, click on Setup > Add Ons > Secure Messaging

2. Click Enable > Accept
​3. Fill out the application form as required per your practice details and click Submit.
​4. You will then receive an email from coreplus notifying you that your secure message accounts have been set up and are ready for use.

πŸ’‘ Only Supervisors can enable Add Ons

πŸ’‘ While coreplus processes your application within two business days, it can take up to 6 weeks for the Secure Messaging vendors to process your application

πŸ’‘ Some fields have been auto-populated based on information elsewhere in your account. You may be prompted to populate certain information in your account before continuing with your application.

πŸ›‘ Please ensure that the ABN listed is linked to the business or business owner
πŸ›‘ If APHRA numbers are applicable to your field, this must be entered for every practitioner you have submitted.
πŸ›‘ The address listed must match that connected to the Provider Numbers listed

Watch the full step-by-step video below on how to enable secure messaging:

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