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Pair your terminal with coreplus

Connect and sync up your Tyro terminal with coreplus

Updated over a week ago

Pairing your terminal with Tyro is imperative so you can start processing merchant claims.

In the article we will discuss:

Navigating to the Tyro Tile

1. Start from the Dashboard

2. Scroll down to Set up

3. Select Add Ons

4. Then click on the Tyro tile

Pairing your terminal

1. Select Pair Tyro Terminal, then select your terminal type

2. On your Tyro terminal select Menu, followed by Configuration, then Integrated EFTPOS, and finally Pair with POS.

3. After completing the above steps, your terminal should present you with your MID (Merchant ID) and TID (Terminal ID).Once you have both your MID and TID, select Next, then enter both your MID into the Merchant ID field and your TID into the Terminal ID field, then click Authorise.

4. Finally, press the Start option on your terminal, then Ok on coreplus

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