Case note templates allow you to insert pre-formatted text into a case note. This is perfect if you need to fill out a list of questions for each consultation, or have a specific layout that needs to be followed for your notes. Anyone who has access to case notes will have access to any template which has been saved.

Create case note templates

1. From a client's file, click on Clinical

2. Click on Insert, then Templates, then click New to create a template

3. Enter the name, and fill out the content, then click Save

4. Select the template, then click on Use to insert the template into your current case note

Edit and delete case note templates

1. From the case note window, select templates shortcut icon

2. Click on the pencil icon next to the template you wish to edit

3. Edit the details, then click Save

📝 Once you've mastered creating templates, you're ready to start using case notes.

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