Maintain your practice and brand standards by creating letter templates that anyone on your account can access and use. Letter templates save you time and are efficient for repetitive communications to your referrers, clients, and other contacts.  

There are two workflows through which to access and edit letter templates. One illustrates how to create a letter template from within the settings menu and two explains how to generate a letter using the template from within a client file.

This article includes:

1. Create a template from the Settings menu
2. Create a template from a Client File

Letter template from Settings

1. From Dashboard go to Setup > Settings and select Letters
2. From here you can choose which template to edit from the drop-down.
3. Edit accordingly and use the Insert Information drop-down to utilize placeholders

4. Once all changes have been made, click the Save icon and enter a name for the template and press OK

💡 When you use your template to generate letters for clients, referrers etc, these placeholders will automatically be populated with the relevant information. These are shown on your template with a # symbol on each side.

💡 You can insert images into your template by clicking on the Insert Image button (shown below). Select the image you would like to insert and it will automatically go into the template

💡 You can also define a margin for each side of the letter. Setting a margin will mean that the content of your letter will appear further towards the centre of the page

From a Client's File

1. Navigate to a client's file and click on Generate Letter

2. Click on Select template > choose a template from the drop-down > Select a recipient from the Select recipient drop-down
3. Type out the letter > click the Save button > Enter a name and then this will save your letter in the client's Files.
4. From here you can then preview, print, email, or generate a pdf of the letter (hover the mouse over the buttons to see their function)

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