Pin payments is a great add-on for taking payments. This will allow you to send your invoices online and receive payment, and even process payments on the patients behalf!

In this article we will discuss

1. Navigate to the pin payments add on

2. Enabling the add on

Navigating to the pin payments add on

1. From the Dashboard, click on Setup

2. Click on Setup

3. Select Add Ons

4. Click on Pin Payments tile

Enabling the add on

1. First click Enable, read through the terms and conditions, then tick I have read and understand the Legal Terms & Conditions

2. Then click Go to Pin

3. Enter in your email address, password, name, and location, then click Get Started

4. Within your account, click on Continue to complete your registration form

5. Once you have your Live API keys, go to your Pin Payments account, on the left click Account, under Payment Tools select API Keys, and under Live API Keys copy both the Secret and Publishable Keys, then go to the coreplus Pin Payments Add On page and paste it in

6. Upload your logo or select Use your business name, and adjust the colour of the Pay now button to fit your business colour scheme.

7. Select your fee structure as either None (practice will be charged), or set a percentage + fee, or set a fixed fee.

💡 This will create yourself a Pin Payments account for use with coreplus.

💡 You will need to wait until your Pin Payments account is live before proceeding.

💡 Setting the fee will include an additional line item on invoices for the surcharge amount.

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