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Training guide for Practitioners or Case Managers
Training guide for Practitioners or Case Managers

Learn how to write case notes, manage your schedule and more

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Doing the best for your clients, and getting the most out of your day, means learning how to use coreplus effectively. This guide will take you through:

πŸ“ Practitioners who will be doing their own appointment booking and invoicing may also like to see our training guide for reception or admin staff

Getting yourself set up

Each user has their own individual calendar settings, so, you'll need to set yours up to suit your needs

1. Find your Log in Page and Bookmark it, because you'll be coming back a lot.

2. Set the look and feel of your calendar. In particular, you'll need to share you calendar with other case mangers and admin staff, if you want others to book appointments for you.

3. Set up a send/reply email address and your email signature so your emails look professional.

4. If you encounter any problems viewing appointment details, client files or other features, ask your practice manager to make sure all other practitioners have shared their calendars with you, that you have permission to access the features you need and that client files have been shared with you

Manage your schedule

Make sure everyone knows when you're available and when you're not.

2. You can block out time in your calendar for breaks, holidays of admin time

Managing case notes

Keep your client's clinical notes up to date.

1. You'll need to be able to write case notes. Save time by creating case note templates

2. Once a case note is saved in coreplus, it can't be changed. If you want to be able to edit the notes later save draft notes instead.

Managing referrals

Communicate with GPs or other professionals.

1. Respond to a referral by generating a letter. You may also need to set up a letter template. You can also add case notes to a letter.

3. Fax is obsolete and email is insecure. Ask your practice manager if your practice is registered for Secure Messaging. If so, you can initiate or reply to a secure message

Getting help

coreplus has a number of features, and it can feel like a lot to learn when you're just starting out.

πŸ’‘ If you get stuck with a feature, try searching for an article, in the search bar above or contact the support team for assistance.

Please let us know if you have any questions and don't forget to rate this help article below, so that we can continue to improve our support to you!

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