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Send to and Reply to a secure message
Send to and Reply to a secure message

Send a response with an attachment to a received secure message

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Communicate important information regarding a client with their referrer through secure messaging via Express Reply, the GP's preferred way of communicating. This feature is available from a secure message that you have received, allowing you to express reply with the peace of mind that the message content is not at risk of interception or hack compared to traditional methods of client information transfer such as email or fax.

Please follow the below steps to Send to and Reply to a secure message:

1. Click on Express Reply in the top right-hand corner of the received secure message 
2. Select an attachment to send.
3. Click Send to securely send the express reply message

💡 The attachment will need to be stored in the Files > Saved Letter file of your client's file.

💡Secure messages can be Express Replied to via the Secure Messaging inbox in Communication, or in Secure Messages in the client file if the message has been assigned to a client

💡A letter in HTML format will convert to PDG once sent via Express Reply

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

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Did this answer your question?