Setting up your email signature

Create an email signature that is part of an email sent via coreplus

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An email signature is a block of text that is added at the end of an email message which contains the sender's name and several options of contact information.

Some other elements you'd like to include within your email signature could be contact information, practice logo, social links, disclaimers or even a handwritten signature.

Please follow the below steps to set up your email signature:

1. From the Dashboard > Setup Settings > User Profile
2. Set your email signature with the design you like  
3. Navigate towards the bottom of the page and then click Save

💡 If you are a supervisor user, you can use the User List drop-down menu in the top right corner to select the user you wish to add or edit an email signature for

💡 Updating a Mobile number will require your password to be entered at the bottom of the page

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