Initiating a secure message

How to send a brand new message via the secure messaging add on

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In order to initiate a secure message, we first need to access the Argus/HealthLink directory to search for our recipient.

πŸ’‘ Secure messaging is only available on the plus plan on coreplus

Please follow the below steps to initiate a secure message:

1. Navigate to Dashboard > Communication > Secure Messaging
​2. Click on Create Message and then click on Search Provider Directory

3. Enter the name or address of the recipient and click Search to bring up the results

4. Choose the recipient from the list and then click Confirm to proceed

5. Fill in the following details to enable the Select File and Send button

  • Client Name - choose the client for whom you will be sending secure messages

  • Sender Name - chose the practitioner assigned to the client

  • Sender Clinic - which site the client is assigned to

  • Receiver Name - name of the receiving doctor (retrieved from Referrer section)

  • Receiver Clinic - name of the receiving clinic (retrieved from Clinic section)

6. Click on Select File and Send, choose the document from under Client File and then click Send to finalise

πŸ’‘ Currently you can only select saved letters from a client Files > Saved letters folder

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