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Feature Permissions

Restrict or allow users to access certain features of coreplus

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Feature permissions allow you to control what your users can see and do. For example, you can restrict your receptionist so they can only view basic client details, or allow your accountant to see your financial reports.

💡 Only supervisors can change feature permissions

Please, follow the below steps to access feature permissions:

1. Click on Setup then Settings  
2. Select Feature Permissions 

3. Select Manage next to the user's name 

4. Set the options, and click Save Permissions 

💎 Once feature permissions have been set up, you might need to setup client sharing and calendar sharing permissions for the new users.

Feature Permissions' breakdown


Access to all data on reports in Reports > Financial


Access to all data on reports in Reports > Client


Access to all data on reports in Reports > Event


Access to all data on reports in Reports > Calendar


Access to all data on reports in Reports > Medicare

New Client

Ability to create new clients

Closed Clients

Ability to close client files

Delete Clients

Ability to delete client files

Client Files

Access to all information in client file (except case notes and invoices)

Case Notes

Access to all case notes on a client file


Access to invoices on a client file

Delete Invoices

Ability to delete invoices


Access to see employer details in Client File>Contacts


Access to see insurer details in Client File>Contacts


Access to see changes to client file in Client File > Events section

Merge Client

Access to use Merge Client feature in Dashboard>Clients>Merge Client

Invoice Print Templates

Access to see Invoice templates in Set up>Settings>Invoices

Post On Noticeboard

Access Communications>Noticeboard so user can post messages that will appear on the dashboard noticeboard


Access to Data>Assets

Custom Data

Access to use customer data in Client file>Clinical>Custom Data and access to create/edit/delete custom data in Set up>Settings>Custom Data

Sleep Studies

Access to Data>Sleep studies (only applicable to Sleep Studies providers)


Access to add, edit and delete referrers on master list in Set up>Referrers.


Access to add, edit and delete sites in Set up>Settings>Sites

Service Types

Access to add, edit and delete service types in Set up>Settings>Service Types

Add Ons

Access to Set Up> Add ons. This will allow the user to edit any add on settings, sign up to new add ons, extend add on tokens etc.


Access to use Questionnaires in Client file>Clinical>Questionnaires and access to add, edit and delete questionnaires in Set up>Settings>Questionnaires.
Note, without this permission the user can see questionnaires in Client file>Clinical>Questionnaires, but will be unable to save the questionnaire.


Access to add, edit and delete purchases in Data>Purchases

Batch Jobs and Letters

Access to Data>Batch jobs area and Letter templates.
Note a user will need to have this feature set to Yes to be able to add clinical notes to a letter.

Secure Inbox

Access to all secure messages in Communication > Secure Messaging and secure messages for client in Client file > Secure Messaging

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