Set send/reply to email address

Nominate an email address that your clients will see when receiving emails sent from your coreplus account

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The new Send/Reply to feature allows you to set an email address which your coreplus emails will appear to be sent from. This will allow you to maintain your brand identity, whilst keeping the convenience of sending emails via coreplus.

Please follow the below steps to set your send/reply to email address:

1. Click on Setup > Settings > User Profile

2. In the Email Address - Send/Reply field, enter the non-coreplus email address you would like to set as your Send/ Reply to emails address.
​3. Click Save to finalise the changes made

πŸ’‘ Setting this for every user on your account ensures consistency in the address your clients and professional associates see when in communication with your practice. (Use the User List drop-down menu in the top right corner to select the user you wish to set a Send/ Reply to)
πŸ’‘ Make sure you have entered your non-coreplus email address and entered a mobile number for the user.

πŸ’‘ Updating a Mobile number will require your password to be entered at the bottom of the page

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