Every client has an allocated case manager to their file. By default, a case manager can only view clients that they are allocated to a case manager. Client Access and Client Sharing enables the sharing of single client files or entire caseloads between case managers. Β 

πŸ’‘ Only a supervisor can view and edit client sharing permissions.

This article includes.

1. Manage Client Sharing for all clients

2. Manage Access for a particular Client

Manage Client SharingΒ for all clients

πŸ’‘ You need to be on a Standard or eHealth subscription to access this feature

1. From the Dashboard, click on Setup

2. Select Settings from the drop-down menu

3. Under Access, click on Client Sharing.
4. Click Manage next to the name of the practitioner you want to share clients from.
5. Share clients with another practitioner by selecting Yes from the drop-down menu next to the practitioner's name

6. Click Save

The clients are now shared with your nominated case manager. You can see a step by step video here:

Manage Access for a particular Client

It is possible to restrict single client files and manage their access accordingly.

πŸ’‘ You can go back and select 'disallow' at any point in time to remove a practitioner's access to the client file.

1. From the Overview section of the relevant client file, click on Client Access

2. Adjust it to Allow or Disallow

3. Click Update

The client's access is now restricted or allowed, per your permission. You can see a step by step video here:

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