Speed up your appointment bookings and reduce admin time by setting up your calendar and appointment defaults, sharing permissions, and iCal links.

To access the calendar settings, navigate to the calendar then click on More, and then Settings


Calendar sharing permissions

Share your calendar with other practitioners or the reception team.



Set default appointment settings such as the SMS reminder, Email reminder to clients, or if a practitioner should be notified for an upcoming appointment with the SMS or Practitioner Reminder options. You can also set the default location and practitioner, as well as the appointment length.

Search defaults

The appointment search Setup the default options for the appointment availability search. The search can be turned on or off from the Other tab.



  • View Australian public holidays
    - Allows you to display Australian public holidays within your Calendar

  • Time indicator
    - Shows a horizontal line across the calendar as an indication of the current time, feel free to change the opacity and colour of the time indicator using the sliders or colour picker

  • Auto-scroll to current time
    - Force the current time to be centred when the calendar is reloaded

  • Calendar slot time interval
    - Defines if the calendar is viewed in either in 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minute increments

  • Allow a user to see a coloured SMS icon based on the client's response
    - This displays a green icon if the client replies with "yes" or "confirm", a red icon if they reply with "no", "cancel" or "reschedule" and a yellow icon if their response is not one of the above

  • Appointment font colour
    - Set the font colour of your appointments

  • Appointment font size
    - Change the size of the font for the appointment tiles

  • Appointment search auto-open
    - Set the appointment to open in a popup window when a new appointment is created
    💡 If this is set to Enable and the popup does not appear, you may need to enable popups on your browser

  • Show calendar times between
    - Set the start and end times of your calendar
    💡 This will only change your calendar view

  • Time selector interval
    - Change the increment amount between options on the appointment selector drop-down list

  • Default calendar view
    - Set whether the calendar defaults to week view or day view when it is opened

  • Show weekends on week view
    - Show or hide weekends on the week view calendar

  • User timezone
    - Set your timezone option
    💡 Only supervisors will be able to manage the timezone setting for all users
    Read more on timezones in coreplus

  • Allow case managers to manage schedules
    - Allow your case managers to create and edit their own schedules. If this is set to No, only a supervisor can create and edit a schedule for a user with case manager access

  • Open calendar in new window
    - Set whether the calendar will open in a new tab, or in the same window as the dashboard
    💡 Changing this option may require you to log out and back in for the setting to work



Displays the link to sync your calendar with your mobile calendar app, or a web calendar.
Sync your coreplus calendar with a calendar.

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