A Case Manager is the only user who can share their calendar with another user. Sharing your calendar with reception team users ensures that they have access to your availability to book clients in. You can also share your calendar with other Case Managers. 

💡 Supervisors have access to all calendars by default, but cannot share them with other users. Each practitioner has to proceed with the below steps:

1. From your Calendar, click on More in the top right-hand corner to launch the drop down menu and select Settings  
2. Tick the type of sharing you would like to enable for each user

3. Once finalised, navigate to and click Save Settings

Setting options are:

  • Share With: allow a user to just view your calendar

  • Create for you: allow a user to create appointments for you

  • Edit for you: allow a user to edit appointments for you

  • Delete for you: allow a user to delete appointments for you

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