Quickly and easily write out a letter to send off to the client's referring doctor or another contact. Letters can also be stored in coreplus, making for easy and consistent record keeping.

📝 Need a refresher on how to create and edit your letter templates? Take a look at this article.

1. From a client's file, click on Generate Letter 

2. Choose the recipient and then select a template

3. From here, you can make any final adjustments to the letter

4. Once finalised, you can preview, print, save, email as a PDF attachment or create a PDF. See image below for which icons to click.

💡 The @ symbol is a great tool for when you want to email as a pdf attachment. Once selected it redirects you to a email so you can send it straight away to your client!

5. If you click on Save, a window will appear for you to name the file. Name the letter and then click OK

6. The saved letters are stored in the Files section under Saved Letters

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