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Saving draft notes

Where to find a saved draft note, and convert it into a finalised case note.

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Draft notes are similar to case notes, however, they can be edited once saved. A draft note can be converted into a case note (which complies with MedicoLegal standards) through the save options.

πŸ›‘ Draft notes may not save if the note contains special characters such as ' , / - & $ () {} | etc. Try removing these special characters and saving the note again.


This article includes:

Saving draft notes

1. From the client's file, click on Clinical > Case notes

2. Write your case note as required

3. Click on Save as Draft to save the note as a draft message

πŸ’‘ Saved as a draft will allow you to continue to edit the case note

Finalising your saved draft notes

1. From the client's file, click on Clinical > Draft Notes

2. Select the Draft Note you wish to edit or finalise

3. To finalise the note, click File, then Save & Finalise

πŸ’‘ Once a note is saved and finalised, it cannot be edited.

πŸš€ Our add-on Theratrak can help you with saving draft notes. Please, find out more here: Theratrak

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