As a supervisor, you have full access to your coreplus account. Only a supervisor can do things like create new users, initiate a data backup, or change your coreplus subscription.

This guide covers:

1. Add users and manage permissions

2. Set up your templates

3. Back up your data

4. Manage your add ons

5. Manage your coreplus subscription

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Add users and manage permissions

1. Setting up a new user has all the details you need for creating new users and managing their permissions.

Set up your templates

💡 Give other users permission to do this task in feature permissions

Set up templates for other users to use

1. Set up an invoice print template

2. Set up a letter template for corresponding with GPs

3. If you'll be sending SMS reminders, set up an SMS reminder template

4. You can also set up an email reminder template for email reminders

Back up your data

It's good practice to regularly back up your data.

1. Data backup on a PC

2. Data backup on a Mac

Manage your add ons

💡 Give other users permission to do this task in feature permissions

Coreplus has a number of add ons that might be right for you.

Manage your coreplus subscription

  • At the start of each month, you'll receive an invoice from coreplus. Make sure you understand your monthly invoice charges.

  • Find out how to increase your data storage, manually pay an invoice or update your card details in Account Management

  • If you no longer need our services, you can Cancel your coreplus account

Getting help

coreplus has a number of features, and it can feel like a lot to learn when you're just starting out.

💡 If you get stuck with a feature, try searching for an article, in the search bar above or contact the support team for assistance.

Please let us know if you have any questions and don't forget to rate this help article below, so that we can continue to improve our support to you!

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