All settings within this article can be found under the My Account section from the Dashboard. In this article you will find:

1. Add an ABN or edit your company profile

2. Subscription to coreplus

3. Add or update your credit card

4. Add or remove users

5. Change your account billing email address

6. Manually pay an outstanding invoice

7. Manage your data storage limit

8. Cancel your account


Add an ABN or edit your company profile

1. Click on Edit Details, Make the relevant changes, then click Save

Subscription to coreplus

1. Click on Change under the subscription panel, select your plan, enter your card details and then click Subscribe!

Add or update your credit card 

Adding your credit card details to coreplus makes monthly payments a breeze!

1. Click on Credit Card Details, enter the details, then click Save

Add or remove users

Give a practitioner, receptionist or bookkeeper access to your account by adding a new user into coreplus.

To set a user to inactive;

1. Click on their name from the user list

2. Enter the details, then click Save

Change your account billing email address

1. Under the invoices section, enter your new email address in the field called 'The email address that will receive the monthly coreplus invoice is'

2. Click Save

3. This email address will, from now on, receive the monthly coreplus invoices

Manually pay an outstanding invoice 

1. Under the invoices section, click on an invoice
2. Click Pay Online

💡 If you would prefer to pay via a bank transfer, you can find remittance details on the invoice. Please ensure to include the invoice number as a reference on the transaction.


Manage your data storage limit

Data storage is used by files that are uploaded into Personal, Shared and Client Files. By default, the account receives 500mb.

💡 You can view the usage for shared/personal files or client files by selecting the relevant options in the storage management section.
To increase the storage;

1. Scroll down to the bottom within My Account and click on Account Storage

2. Click Add Space

3. Click on the dropdown menu and select the amount of storage you wish to add 4. Click Save

💡 Any storage you add will be reflected within your account immediately

💡 Any storage you add will be reflected within your account immediately 


Cancel your account

Whilst we don’t like goodbyes, we are sad to see you go 😔

There are a few steps to follow in order to close off your account with coreplus and cancel your coreplus subscription. The below steps will take you through the process:

1. Go to 'My Account' and under 'Subscription' click on 'Cancel Account'

💡 If the 'Cancel Account' button is greyed out, your account has outstanding invoices which will need to be paid prior to cancelling your account. Should you have any questions regarding your invoices you can contact the Support Team on live chat or via email:

💡 Only Supervisor users can cancel a coreplus account.

2. Enter your coreplus password again to confirm

3. Make sure you complete a data backup and click 'Proceed'

NOTE: The data backup for Mac or Windows generates overnight and will be available for download only on the next day.

4. Please select from the options telling us why you have decided to cancel your subscription with coreplus

5. Tick the box confirming that you wish to cancel your coreplus account

6. Click on 'Cancel Account'

7. Click 'Confirm'

Your data will be deleted from coreplus once your account has been closed which will be the last day of the month, but you can continue using coreplus until then. Once your account has been closed you will receive an email confirming the closure of your account.

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