All settings within this article can be found under the My Account section from the Dashboard. In this article you will find:

1. Add an ABN or edit your company profile

2. Subscription to coreplus

3. Add or update your credit card

4. Add or remove users

5. Manually pay an outstanding invoice

6. Manage your data storage limit

7. Cancel your account


Add an ABN or edit your company profile

1. Click on Edit Details, Make the relevant changes, then click Save

Subscription to coreplus

1. Click on Change under the subscription panel, select your plan, enter your card details and then click Subscribe!

Add or update your credit card 

Adding your credit card details to coreplus makes monthly payments a breeze!

1. Click on Credit Card Details, enter the details, then click Save

Add or remove users

Give a practitioner, receptionist or bookkeeper access to your account by adding a new user into coreplus.

To set a user to inactive;

1. Click on their name from the user list

2. Enter the details, then click Save

Manually pay an outstanding invoice 

1. Under the invoices section, click on an invoice

2. Click Pay Online 

💡 If you would prefer to pay via a bank transfer, you can find remittance details on the invoice. Please ensure to include the invoice number as reference on the transaction.


Manage your data storage limit

Data storage is used by files that are uploaded into Personal, Shared and Client Files. By default, account receive 500mb.

💡 You can view the usage for shared/personal files or client files by selecting the relevant options in the storage management section.

To increase the storage;

  1. Scroll down to the bottom within My Account and click on Account Storage

2. Click Add Space

3. Click on the dropdown menu and select the amount of storage you wish to add Click Save

💡 Any storage you add will be reflected within your account immediately 

Cancel your account

We're sad to see you leave!

Before you leave coreplus, our support team would like to help you resolve any difficulties you may have experienced. Please feel free to contact our support team and hopefully we can get you practicing happy again.


If there's nothing else we can help with. Here's a couple things to look into before you request for your account to be closed.

1. Your data will be deleted from coreplus once your account is closed. Please ensure to perform and download a data backup to keep a copy of your data.

2. Do you have any outstanding invoices?

Account cancellations are processed at the end of each billing cycle, meaning, any outstanding invoices will need to be settled before your account can be closed. You can find your invoices listed in the My Account section.

Once the above has been completed, please email our support team with your cancellation request. 

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