Conducting a data backup of your coreplus account is easy and best of all, free. Select the specific data type that you want to backup or do it all. 

Your data is exported in a CSV (comma-separated values) file format which can easily be opened within a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel.

💡 Only users with Supervisor level access can run data backups 

1. From the Dashboard, click Setup and then Settings, under Administration click Data Backup, select Run New Backup, enter in a mobile number that will receive the data backup password, select which forms of information you'd like to be included in your data backup, then click Save Backup.

2. Once the data backup process commences, the status should be marked as Awaiting Execution

💡 While the data backup is in the status of Awaiting Execution, you will have the option to edit what forms of information you'd like to be included in the data backup

3. After the backup has been executed, the status will then change to In Progress

4. Once the backup has completed, click Download

💡 The download button will appear 12 to 24 hours after you have requested the data backup - NOTE: As shown in the above image, the backup file is only available for download for 24 hours after being generated. 

5. Once the data backup has finished downloading, locate the file and open it up

💡 If you're unable to locate your data backup file, a good place to look would be within the downloads folder on your Mac

6. Type in the password that is stated in the SMS we sent you and click OK

💡 For the Personal/Shared/Client Files folders, you may need to install a third party software such as The Unarchiver  or iZip in order to extract the files.

7. Your data backup will then start extracting, once this is complete you will then be able to access your data!

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