Whilst we don’t like goodbye’s, we are sad to see you go 😔

There are a few steps to follow in order to close off your account with coreplus.

1. Get in touch with us

The Supervisor on the account needs to send us an email to support@coreplus.com.au from the same email associated with their coreplus account. Alternatively the Supervisor, whilst logged into their coreplus account, can use the chat function to arrange the cancellation with us.

2. Complete a Data Backup

You’ll need to ensure that your data is backed up. There are step by step guides on how to do this for Mac and Windows here:



NOTE: The data backup for Mac or Windows generates overnight and will be available for download only on the next day.

💡 Supervisors can only perform Data Backups on Standard and eHealth account subscriptions

3. If the Supervisor’s email isn’t in use anymore

If the email address isn’t in use then it needs to be changed in the coreplus account first before requesting a cancellation. To do this, click on My Account then click on the User's name under the User section and edit the email address.

4. Closure of your account

Your data will be deleted from coreplus once your account has been closed which will be the last business day of the month. You can continue using coreplus until then. We will confirm with you when your cancellation request has been received and when your account has been closed with coreplus.

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