The subscription cost can be found in Dashboard > My Account and click on Change to see your current plan and the prices associated with your account.

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This article includes:

1. Example Invoice
2. SMS Pricing

3. Storage

4. Pro Rata

5. Date Invoice is sent

6. Date Inovice is paid

Example Invoice

The below example invoice illustrates what to expect from a coreplus invoice:

  • The first item (Users) details the charges for 6 case managers or supervisors on the eHealth subscription for the full month 

  • The second item (SMS) details the charges for SMS's

  • The third item (Xtra Storage) details the charges for extra storage added to the account

  • The third item (Users) details the pro-rata charge for a new case manager or supervisor

SMS pricing

The cost per SMS is dependent on the plan:

  • $0.20 - Basic

  • $0.15 - Standard

  • $0.10 - e-Health/Group


If you require more data storage, navigate to Dashboard > My Account and under Storage, click on Add Space. In the following pop-up, select how much storage you wish to add on, and then click Save


Our invoices are calculated on active users at the end of each calendar month.
When a paid user (Supervisor or Case Manager access level) is added after this date (during the month), a pro-rata charge for this will be added to the next invoice.

As we calculate in advance for the next month's usage, we must back-charge for these added users.

For example, a practitioner who was added on the 1st of June will be charged for the full month (1st June – 1st July). If a practitioner was added on the 15th of June, they’ll only be charged for half of the month (15th June – 30th June).

The unit cost for this charge is calculated by dividing your plan type’s monthly per user cost by the average number of days per month in a year (30.42).

If you’re on the Basic plan ($5 per user per month), this equals a $0.16 unit cost.

If you’re on the Standard plan ($25 per user per month), this equals a $0.82 unit cost.

If you’re on the eHealth plan ($45 per user per month), this equals a $1.48 unit cost.

This unit cost will be multiplied by the number of days the user was active in the previous month – for every user that is added to your account in between a billing cycle.

Date invoice is sent

Invoices are issued at the end of each calendar month

Date invoice is paid

Our automatic debiting process occurs on the 15th of each month

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