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FAQs Calendar and Appointments
FAQs Calendar and Appointments

Frequently asked questions when using the calendar and making appointments

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Our FAQs are based on the most commonly asked questions by our coreplus community. This article focuses on questions about our calendar and appointment section in coreplus. Each collection has its own FAQ article, simply navigate to the collection to find each article for our most frequently asked questions!

This article covers:

How do I set up multiple locations/sites of my practice and are these visible on the calendar?

Yes, you can have multiple locations and allocate your booking to those accordingly. Simply add sites under Setup > Settings > Sites. Find a step by step guide here: Setting up Sites (Locations)

I have edited the appointment time and date but no new SMS reminder has been sent to the client?

Editing an appointment will not trigger a new SMS, however, rescheduling the appointment will. Read more about the difference here: Difference between rescheduling an appointment and editing details

My admin can't book my new case manager's appointments?

You can do this by sharing your calendar. You can find a step by step article here: Share your calendar

πŸ’‘ A Case Manager is the only user who can share their calendar with another user. Sharing your calendar with reception team users ensures that they have access to your availability to book clients. You can also share your calendar with other Case Managers.

I want to categorize my calendar?

You can do this by using appointment types they are a great way to categorise your appointments for the type of appointment, location, practitioner etc.

Go to Calendar, then click on More, select Appointment Types, now click on Add New and Enter the name, and set your options > click Save to create the appointment type.

What if I have a list of clients that I cant fit in yet, is there a pending list that I can keep track of?

You can easily create a waiting list for these clients. Go to Calendar, then click on More, select Waiting List from the drop-down menu, click on Add Client, now complete the relevant details and click Save.

Check out how to contact your waiting list with just a few clicks here: Contact your Waitlist

I have new case managers starting in different time zones how will this affect what they see?

This won't affect what they see and you can update this when the new case manager starts.

You can do this via Calendar, click on More and then Settings, then click on Other and scroll down to the Timezone drop-down, select the relevant timezone for your new practitioner and then click Save Settings

πŸ’‘ This will show the breakdown of the timezone select for each practitioner. Feel free to contact the support team when working on different time zones, so we can ensure you are set up correctly!

How do I edit the time indicator which displays in the calendar?

To access this go to calendar settings, navigate to the calendar then click on More, and then Settings. Navigate to the tab Other in this section you can set the look and feel of your calendar i.e time indicator, time select etc.

Check our step by step guide out here: Set the look and feel of your calendar

How do I open my calendar in a new tab as I struggle to get back to the dashboard?

You can do this via Calendar, click on More and then Settings, then click on Other and scroll down to Open calendar in new window and change it to Yes. Click on the Save Settings button on the top and you are now all set.

What does the $ and πŸ—Έ icon mean on the appointment booking I notice it is not always there?

$ means that the Invoice attached to this appointment is paid.

πŸ—Έ means that the invoice has been created but no payment applied/received yet.

Can I add public holidays to my calendar?

Yes absolutely, simply enable this feature via your settings. You can see a step by step guide here: Public holidays within your calendar

Is it possible to notify the practitioner when a new appointment is made?

Yes, it is possible to notify the practitioner per SMS when a new appointment is made. Each practitioner can adjust this under their Calendar settings. Simply navigate to Calendar > More > Settings > Defaults > next to SMS practitioner when a new appointment is made, select YES and click on Save Settings.

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