Invoices can be created from within a client's file, or directly from the client appointment on the calendar. 

📝 Make sure you have a invoice template, provider number and service type added before you create your first invoice.


Create an invoice: calendar appointment

1. From the calendar, right click on the invoice icon then click on Create Invoice

2. Select a Print Template, and fill out the Consultation Information section

3. Enter the billing information by typing out the item code and selecting the relevant service type

4. If the client has paid, apply the payment to the invoice. This can be done by clicking on
Payment \ Auto Assign or the $ button, enter notes as required, then click Save Invoice or Print & Save Invoice

📝 Adding a payment to an invoice.
📝 Apply a Tyro payment to an invoice.



Create an invoice: client's file

1. From the client's file, click on Invoicing 

2. Click on
Create Invoice, fill out the invoice details, then click Save or Print & Save Invoice

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