Setting up a schedule in coreplus is a way of letting others know when you're available. It also controls your availability in Client Portal and HealthEngine. Here you'll find an overview of:

1. How to create a schedule

2. Functions that use schedules

Create a schedule

1. First step is to create a schedule for the times you're available. If you're using Client Portal or HealthEngine, you'll need to publish the schedule to these platforms.

2. You can break your schedule into smaller blocks or sessions to give reception staff more information about your availability or just to add a clear visual guide.

🛑 Allocation blocks can not be published to Client Portal or HealthEngine.

3. Schedules allow for a lunch break, but if you want to schedule in other regular breaks you'll need to create recurring appointments, to block out the time.

4. If you're having a day off, or a longer holiday, you can block out time in your calendar.

Using schedules

When you have a schedule in the system, several features become available to you.

1. Client Portal, HealthEngine, Cyber Clinic and Cliniq Apps all require published schedules to function correctly

2. The availability report can provide metrics for what percentage of a practitioner's available time is booked, based on their schedule

3. The appointment search function quickly finds available slots in a practitioners calendar, based on their schedule.

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