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Connect with the 9 million + patients who use HotDoc to find and book online appointments.

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Nearly 1 in 3 Australians use HotDoc to connect with their preferred practitioner. Clients use the platform to book online and better manage their (and their family’s) health.

Easy-to-use filters help clients search for your practice by specialty, location, opening hours, practitioner gender or language spoken.

The add-on will allow clients to book the right appointment type with the right practitioner whenever it suits them, which means more bookings and better visibility for your practice!

The article below will take you through how to set up HotDoc and includes the following steps:
​1. Enable HotDoc Add On

Enable HotDoc Add On

1. From Dashboard, navigate to Setup > Add Ons

2. Click on the HotDoc tile and click Enable

3. Tick to Accept Terms & Conditions and click I Agree

Create and publish schedules

1. Create practitioner's schedules or use existing availability schedules.

2. Make sure you tick HotDoc Publish To and click Save and Update

Map Appointment Types to your Specialties

πŸ“ Before mapping appointment types, please ensure that you have created Appointment Types that are defined with clear names and appropriate lengths - remember, you want to make it a simple booking experience for your clients

1. From the Dashboard, click on Setup > Settings > Map Specialities to Appointment Types
​2. Click on a relevant Specialty. You will notice the Available Appointment Types column populates with the appointment types you have previously created.

πŸ’‘ Make sure the appointment types match the same speciality you selected in your practitioner profiles
​3. Click on the appointment types you want to be available in the client portal from the Available appointment types and click the arrow buttons to move this to the chosen specialty. Click Save

A detailed guide on how to do this can be found HERE

Publish user profiles

1. From the Dashboard, click on Setup > Settings > User Profile

2. Complete profiles for all practitioners you want to publish to the client portal. Make sure to select the relevant Specialty for each practitioner.

3. Scroll down and tick the checkbox for Publish to publish the practitioner's profile to HotDoc, and then click Save
πŸ’‘ You will need to have a Clinician or Practitioner position selected as a prerequisite for Specialties to appear. You can have multiple positions ticked.

Configure coreplus in HotDoc

Once you have completed the above steps, log into your HotDoc account and complete the installation by following the steps outlined HERE to configure the integration.

πŸš€ The below add-ons will also allow you to publish your schedule for online bookings:

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