Creating a recurring appointment can be done from an appointment screen to ensure ease of use and maximum efficiency in setting recurring appointments. 

📝 You may like to check out how to make an appointment for your client first

1. On the New Appointment screen for the relevant client, click on the counterclockwise arrows button

2. In the Recursion Settings, you are required to enter the parameters of the recurring appointment. First, select the relevant frequency of the recurring appointment. In this case, we are selecting weekly


3. Depending on the option you have selected, you are then required to further indicate when you would like the appointment to be repeated. In this case, we have selected every two weeks, and on a Tuesday

4. Finally, select between to set a date range for the recurring appointment to take place or, select repeat to set the number of times you want the recurring appointment to occur. In this case, we have selected repeat and 6 times

As it is, this recurring appointment set to occur on a weekly basis set to every 2 weeks, on a Tuesday for a total of 6 recurring appointments. 


5. Click OK once you are happy with the set up of the recurring appointment

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