Creating recurring appointments can be useful when your clients have regular appointment times, or, when blocking out time in your calendar for breaks. This article will cover how to create, reschedule, edit and delete recurring appointments.

Create a recurring appointment

1. Create a new appointment, and enter the client name and appointment type as required.

2. Click on the counterclockwise arrows button, next to the date field
3. In the recursion settings, select the frequency of the recurring appointment, and the period or number of times the appointment will repeat. In this case, we have selected every two weeks, and on a Tuesday, from the 6th July to the 28th December.    

4. Click OK and then Save.

Reschedule a recurring appointment

💡 Use the reschedule function if the SMS reminder has already been sent, so it will be sent again, with the new time. Rescheduling will remove the appointment from the series of appointments.

1. Right-click on the appointment then click reschedule

2. Adjust the time and date as required, then click reschedule

3. The appointment will be rescheduled to the new time.

Edit a recurring appointment

When editing a recurring appointment you can choose to edit the series of appointments or just edit a single appointment.

Edit the series of appointments

1. Double click on the appointment to open the edit window

2. Select Series to edit all appointments in the series

3. Edit the appointment details as required and click Save

4. Select if the change should apply to future appointments only, or all appointments in the entire series.

5. The change will be applied to multiple appointments.

Edit a single appointment

1. Double click on the appointment to open the edit window.

2. Select Single to edit only the selected appointment

3. Edit the appointment details as required and click Save.

4. The change will only be applied to the selected appointment.

Delete a recurring appointment

1. Right-click on the appointment and select Delete

2. Select if you want to delete Single, Series, or All Future

  • Single will only delete the selected appointment

  • Series will delete all appointments in the series

  • All future will delete all future appointments

🛑 If you accidentally deleted an entire series, you'll need to undelete each appointment individually by clicking the ❌ symbol in Changed Appointments

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