Now that you have created your calendar schedule, you may like to highlight when you are available by colouring your allocation blocks, that is, your Session 1 and Session 2 start and end times.

1. Click into an existing schedule by selecting View Schedule in your calendar menu panel, select the Schedule you would like to apply the allocation blocks to, navigate to Session 1 and click on the Allocate button in the far right column.

2. Set a name for your allocation block
💎 We like to use this to show the times that we are available to take an appointment. This allows for an easy visual representation of your schedule for your reception team or just yourself!

3. Set the Duration of your allocation block (this is based on the entire length of the first session). In this example, the session start time is 10:00am and end time is 1:00pm. The practitioner has 1 hour long appointments, therefore there are three allocation blocks within session 1. 

4. Select a Colour to highlight your availability. 

5. Select Appointment Type if you have set appointment types during particular days or times

6. Click on + to set the rest of the allocation blocks. If you have added too many allocation blocks, click on - to delete them. Click Ok to save the allocation blocks set for Session 1. Continue with these same steps for Session 2 and any other schedule you have that you would like to apply this to. 

7. Check out what this can look like when you have allocation blocks for all your practitioners!

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