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Invoice a private health fund

Make a standard invoice for private health fund for easy claiming

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Make claiming easy for your clients when they need to claim from their health fund. Prior to creating an invoice you will need to make sure you have an invoice template, added an insurer, and added a health fund to the client

In this article, we will discuss:

Creating the private health fund invoice

1 . From the calendar, right-click on the invoice icon then click on Create Invoice

2. Select the Insurer (health fund) Print Template, and fill out the Consultation Information section

3. Enter the billing information by typing out the item code and selecting the relevant service type

Applying payment to a private health fund

1. From your client's file, click Invoicing, click on Actions then Edit for the invoice you would like to apply a payment to

2. Click on the $ button or Payment \ Auto Assign,

3. Enter the payment details, then click on the payment for the full amount

4. Click OK, and finally click Update Invoice

5. Now you can print the invoice for the client. So they can obtain their rebate from their health insurer.

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