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Client details

Edit, change or adjust client details after a "new client" has been saved

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You may need to edit or adjust the client details from time to time, such as a new phone number or a new address.

  • By clicking yesβœ”οΈ, the phone number will be updated to the new phone number.

  • Selecting no πŸ›‘, means that the reminder will go to the previous nominated phone number.

πŸ’‘ Updating a client's phone number will trigger a reminder to update all future appointments and the associated phone number.

πŸ›‘ Notes may not save in Notes 1 in the Overview section of the client file if they contain special characters such as ' , / - & $ () {} | etc. Try removing these special characters and saving the note again.

Please follow the below steps to adjust, change or edit any client details:

1. From the Dashboard, click on the search tab and enter the client's name

2. Client Overview will open automatically, from here you can click straight away on Edit or you can navigate to Details/Referrers

3. You can now adjust any information as required, once finalised scroll up and click on Update Client

πŸ’‘ If you have accidentally doubled the same client details, you can see further info on merging client files here.

πŸš€ Did you know that with our Patient Plus integration you can have the clients register by filling out custom-built forms and document important details? Please, give it a look here.

πŸš€ You can prescribe exercises and automatically archive them into client records via our SimpleSet add-on. Please, check it out here.

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