Once you have saved an invoice, there are several actions you can take with it. You may like to go back and Edit it, Preview before you Print, PDF to email the invoice, Email it directly from coreplus, or perhaps Delete it all together.
📝 You'll need to unlock an invoice before it can be edited or for an original copy to be printed, emailed or downloaded.

1. From your client's file, click Invoicing 

2. Click on Actions

Edit - Change the details on the invoice. You may need to unlock the invoice before changes can be made.

Preview - View the invoice without printing or downloading the invoice.

Print - Print the invoice as a record for the client, or so that you can it to the Healthfund.

PDF - Download a PDF version of the invoice, perfect for emailing via your own email program

Email to client - Easily email the selected invoice to the client

Email - Quickly and easily send copy as a PDF attachment to the client or their Healthfund.

💡 When sending an email or invoice, you can select attachments 'from this PC', 'from Client Files, 'From Shared Files' and 'From Personal Files'

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