Timezone are an essential feature if you are a national healthcare provider with practices across several states or offering telehealth appointments. By default, all new coreplus accounts are set to the Melbourne timezone, UTC + 10, AEST/AEDT.

You can update your timezone by following these steps:

1. Open your calendar, click on More and then Settings

2. Click on the Other tab and scroll down to the Timezone drop down, select your timezone then click Save Settings

If you are experiencing discrepancies on appointment times with your calendar, check that you and your colleagues are in the correct timezones. 

If you are a practitioner receiving a booking who is in the incorrect timezone, a simple edit in your calendar settings will resolve the appointment time discrepancy. 

If you are receptionist/user who is booking for others and you are in the incorrect timezone, please contact support@coreplus.com.au.

Editing your calendar settings will not resolve the issue as the appointments have defaulted to the timezone you originally booked them in. We may need to migrate your existing appointments into the correct timezone.

Our support team will be there every step of they way to ensure a smooth transition to your correct timezone and no disruption is experienced by your clients. 

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