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Interface Settings

Defining and understanding your Interface Settings

Updated over a week ago

Your Interface Settings section within your coreplus account allows you to toggle and change certain features spread throughout your account.

Navigate to the Interface Settings

1. Go to Dashboard and navigate to Setup

2. Select Settings from the dropdown menu

3. Click on Interface Settings, under Administration

πŸ’‘ Only Supervisors on an account will be able to access Interface Settings

Breakdown of all Interface Settings:

​Quantity Invoicing - This allows you to set a quantity amount against a service type. This is helpful when you're needing to work out percentages and multiply service type fees
​Invoice Font Size - Defines your invoice font size on your invoice printouts. Ranges from small, regular, medium, large, and extra large.

Master Setting - SMS Appointment Reminders - This setting allows you to easily prevent future SMS reminders from being sent out so you don't need to go into each future appointment and amend them manually

Notification Messages when SMS received - Choose which category of users are able to view SMS responses from clients

Session Timeout - Set an auto log-out timer for when users are idle within their login session.

Two-factor authentication - Two Factor Authentication, also known as two-step verification or 2FA, adds an extra layer of security to your coreplus account. Learn more here

Send appointment reminders in clients' timezone - Enabling this feature allows the SMS/Email reminders to state the appointment time in the client's timezone. The client's timezone is determined by the postcode entered on the client file.

Opt-in to early release program - This option puts you on our internal list of customers who would like to get a sneak peek of features that aren't released to the widespread coreplus community!

Mandatory Client Fields - Select which clients fields should be mandatory to enter upon creation of new client files: Funds and Medicare Card Number & Expiry
​Appointment Time Calculator and Invoicing Calculator -

  • Appointment Time Calculator - This allows you to set a rule to calculate how many hours have/ will be delivered to a Client/ Participant. This valuable feature empowers businesses to reduce the likelihood of delivering services outside the available/ funded service.
    It can be found via Client File > Appointments

  • Invoicing Calculator - The Invoicing Calculator allows you to calculate the amount spent between two dates quickly.
    It can be found via Client File > Invoicing

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