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Calendar tips and tricks

Tips and tricks to help you navigate through the calendar and appointments

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The calendar is inarguably the most important and valuable function of coreplus.
As a user of coreplus, we want you to know how to utilise the calendar and make your practice as efficient and streamlined as possible.
This article includes some very useful tips and tricks that you can use to get the full potential out of your calendar.

In this article, we'll discuss the following:

Calendar Sharing

Are you wondering why a user on your account can't view, edit or create appointments for you or other staff members? This is likely because you haven't shared your calendar with them or vice versa.
Calendar sharing allows you to dictate who can see, edit, create, and delete appointments.

Here is our step-by-step guide on this process Calendar Sharing

πŸ›‘ Please note that only the user can share their calendar with another user, even a supervisor on the account cannot do it for them.

Day View vs Week View

Tired of having to switch from one day to another? If you prefer to work looking at your practice schedules on a weekly basis, you can switch to the Week View to see the whole week at once! You can also choose which view you want your calendar to be defaulted to.

Due to space limitations, the Week View will not display some icons that appear when using Day View on the appointments.
However, you can Right Click the appointment and you will be presented with the same options, in list format.

Please, refer to the images below as an example.

Week View

Day View

Please, visit our article Calendar views: User, Room, Day and Week to learn how to easily navigate between different views in the calendar.


Users in an account can live in different places and time zones. You can select your time zone via the calendar settings to view your appointments in your local time. This helps you avoid confusion and track your tasks and schedule better.
You can do this via Calendar > More > Settings > Other

Please, note that a supervisor can change the timezone of any user on the account.

Our article about Timezones on your calendar will guide you through changing users' time zones.

Open the calendar in a new tab

It can be a hassle to constantly go back and forth between the calendar and the client file. To solve this, you can enable opening your calendar in a new tab via the settings option in the calendar.
​Calendar > More > Settings > Other
We suggest you take a look at many other handy interface tips that may improve your workflow!

Please, visit our article about the look and feel of your calendar to find out more.

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