There are 4 different views available in the calendar - week or day and user or room. Different combinations of these are useful depending on your practice needs.

💡 By default, the calendar view is set to Day View. You can switch the default view between day/week view by going to the calendar and navigate to More > Settings > Other > Default calendar view. From this page, you can also select to hide/display the weekend in Week View. The following GIF captures the workflow to do this:

💡 You can toggle between the Day/Week View by clicking the corresponding button which will be displayed on the top right of the calendar

Day view

The day view displays the current day in the calendar and all the associated appointments set for today. In the day view, the practitioners are shown in columns with their associated appointments displayed in their column. 

💡 The schedules for practitioners appear in the Day View only and cannot be seen in Week View or in Room View

📝 Check out how to create/publish schedules and how to colour your schedule

Week view 

In the Week View, you can see an overview of all the appointments set for the week.

User / Room view

User view is the default view and shows appointments based on users and practitioners. Switching to Room View shows appointments based on which room it is assigned to.

💡 You can toggle between the Room View and User View by clicking on Room/User View at the top right of the calendar

Room View allows you to filter and view appointments based on the room assigned to the appointment. The GIF below shows how to navigate and utilise Room View when in Week View:

When in Day View, the rooms will appear as columns with the associated appointments displayed in the corresponding column:

Add a room

📝 Check out this article to find out how to add a room through the coreplus dashboard

💡 You can also add rooms through the calendar itself - ensure you are in Room View and navigate to More > Edit Room > [choose site] > Add Room. Name your room, assign a custom colour and then click Save. The workflow is captured in the GIF below:

📝 Be sure to check out how to set the look and feel of your calendar.

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