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Getting started with SimpleSet

Enable your SimpleSet Add On

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SimpleSet is the most effective way to teach therapeutic exercise

and improve patient outcomes.

  • Find what you need in our comprehensive database of thousands of exercises.

  • Drag and drop exercises to start building your program.

  • Automated archiving of prescribed exercises from SimpleSet to the client's record in coreplus

  • Customize anything and everything to fit your client. When your program is ready, send it to your client.

  • Shazam! SimpleSet engages your client and starts them on their journey to recovery. It's the perfect way to reinforce your client's learning after their appointment.

This article includes:

Enable SimpleSet

1. To enable this add on, simply navigate to Setup > Add Ons

2. Go to the Simple Set tile and select the Enable button

3. Accept the Terms and Conditions by ticking the box and clicking I Agree

Link your SimpleSet account to coreplus

Under the Setup > Add Ons > SimpleSet section, you will be provided an access token. To proceed with linking your SimpleSet account to coreplus, please copy the access token and head to your SimpleSet account.

πŸš€ Follow the steps on the page here, to finalise the integration: Link your SimpleSet account to coreplus

Once your account is linked, you can access your client in SimpleSet, by simply clicking the Open Client in SimpleSet button within the client file:

Troubleshooting SimpleSet

πŸ›‘ 403 Error

  • If the client that you are getting a 403 error code for was first added to SimpleSet by a colleague, the person that added the client is the "owner" of this client. Ensure that your manager has allowed client sharing permissions in order to view this client

  • Important if you are on a shared workstation: When you click the "Open Patient in SimpleSet" button in Coreplus, it does not automatically log you into SimpleSet. Instead, it copies the patient details to whatever user is already logged into SimpleSet. So double-check that you are logged into the correct SimpleSet account before you open patients from Coreplus.

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