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Merge client records

Merge duplicate client records into one

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Merge duplicate client records into one, including; Referrals & referrers, invoices, custom fields, clinical, client record reminders, admin notes, secure messages, events, appointments, and files.

πŸ’‘ Only a Supervisor User will have access to Merge Clients, however, they will be able to enable this for other users; Learn how to enable Feature Permissions for other users here

πŸ’‘ Please note Merging Clients is a permanent change and cannot be undone

Please, follow the steps below to merge client records:

1. To start merging a client record, from the Dashboard, navigate to Clients then click on Merge Client Records

2. Select Primary Client to merge the duplicate file and then Select Client to Merge From. You can check that you have the correct file by comparing the client record number (CRN).

3. Once you have confirmed they are 2 different records, click Compare

4. From this page, Select components to merge with the primary record. This will be the data you select to merge from the duplicated record into the primary record.

5. In the next section, Select client demographics, you can select which client information you would like to keep in the primary record. If there is conflicting information, confirm the correct data and select the radio button to merge

6. Once you have confirmed which data to merge to the primary record, you can then Set secondary client record as "Closed" upon completion, by not selecting this option, it will leave the duplicate record as open, and then click Merge.

7. To save time, you can click Select All for Components and Client Demographics

8. Review all the data you are about to merge before continuing as this cannot be undone Are you sure you want to merge these records? This operation cannot be undone, select YES. After you have clicked YES, this will take you to the Primary record page in coreplus and a pop-up will appear displaying any reminders that may have been set.

πŸ’‘ Please note, that once the next step has been actioned, this will be a permanent change and cannot be undone. Please make sure all information is correct before merging client records

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