Client portal uses your schedule to determine which times and locations to offer your clients. This article will outline how to set availability and publish your schedule to Client Portal.

📝 For more detailed instructions on creating a schedule see Your calendar schedule

1. In your Calendar, go to View Schedule to create the schedule you want to publish. Enter your working schedule: dates, days and times and locations.

2. In Publish To check Client Portal

3. Click Save and Update

💡 Published locations need to have a postcode, to add a postcode see Add your practice location with sites

Now that you've published a schedule, client portal will offer times based on the length of the selected appointment type.

💡 If you don't want Client portal to offer a certain period of time, you'll need to Block out time in your calendar

💡 The maps in client portal are automatically generated based on the address of your site

📝 Next up Test and publish your client portal to continue set up

📝 Go back to Getting started with Client Portal to to see set up overview

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