Client portal uses your schedule to determine which times and locations to offer your clients. This article will outline how to set availability and publish your schedule to Client Portal.

📝 For more detailed instructions on creating a schedule, see Your calendar schedule

This article includes:

1. Publish your schedule
2. How it looks from the client's end

Publish your schedule

1. From the Dashboard, go to Calendar.
2. Scroll down and click on View Schedule, then click on Create Schedule on the top left.
3. Enter your working schedule: dates, days, times, and locations.

4. In Publish To check Client Portal, and click Save and Update.

🛑 Client Portal will ignore any 'Allocate' blocks, used to colour your schedule. If you don't want Client Portal to offer a certain period of time, you'll need to Block out time in your calendar

💡 Published locations need to have a postcode, to add a postcode see Add your practice location with sites

How it looks from the client's end

Now that you've published a schedule, client portal will offer times based on the length of the selected appointment type.

Clients will have the option to choose between locations from the portal.

💡 The maps in client portal are automatically generated based on the address of your site

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