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SMS outstanding accounts

This is a useful feature which allows your practise to send out SMS reminders to accounts with outstanding invoices

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SMS outstanding accounts is a useful tool for sending clients their outstanding amounts in one quick automated process.

In this article we will discuss:

πŸ’‘ Please make sure you have invoices all set up prior for this feature to work optimally

Setting up the templates for the SMS

1. Navigate to Dashboard > Setup > Settings and choose SMS Outstanding Invoices under Templates

2. On this page you can formulate the template and it allows you to manage the SMS template. Edit/ create the template. Click Save once finished editing

πŸ’‘ It is recommended to leave 15-20 or more characters remaining to allow for larger words to populate the placeholders.

Using the SMS feature

1. Navigate to Dashboard > Data > Batch Jobs and choose SMS Outstanding Accounts under Invoicing
​2. Use the drop-downs to narrow down accounts if needed, then click Send SMS's to send the template created and send to selected outstanding accounts

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