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One practitioner is leaving the practice
One practitioner is leaving the practice

This article outlines the steps to follow when a practitioner is leaving your practice

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There are some steps a supervisor has to follow upon the departure of a practitioner from their practice. We've outlined those steps in detail in this article.

This article includes:

Run a data backup

When a practitioner leaves a practice, it's best that the supervisor runs a data backup, filters out that practitioner's client details and provides them to the practitioner so that they have a record of their data.

NOTE: The data backup for Mac or Windows generates overnight and will be available for download only on the next day

This article shows how to filter the data in an Excel sheet: Opening text file exports in Excel

Transfer clients

Upon inactivating the practitioner, they get removed from their client files as case manager. As a result, the clients are left without a case manager which can cause them to not show up in the reports.

To avoid this, a supervisor needs to reach out to the support team and request to transfer the clients of the practitioner who's leaving to an active practitioner.

You can contact us via Live Chat, Email or you can Schedule Phone Support

Transfer appointments

Similar to clients, upon inactivating the practitioner they are no longer displayed on the calendar, so their appointments are not visible either.

To be able to access the appointments, they'll need to be transferred to an active user. A supervisor will need to request our support team for this transfer.

You can contact us via Live Chat, Email or you can Schedule Phone Support

Inactivate the user

Once all the steps above are completed, a supervisor will need to follow the steps below to make the user inactive.

1. From the Dashboard, go to My Account

2. Click on Users then search for the user and click on their name

3. Select Inactive next to Active and Save.

πŸ’‘ A user can't be permanently deleted, they can only be made inactive

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