When downloading a report from coreplus it often comes as a text file, but you might want to open it in Excel. This is easy to do. This article will out line three different methods for opening a .txt file in excel: Copy and paste, Drag and drop and, Open and view all file types.

Copy and paste

  1. Open the text file and Excel

  2. Hold Ctrl+Shift+A or Command+A to highlight all of the text

  3. Copy the text

  4. Click on the first square of an new Excel file and paste

Drag and drop

  1. Open excel and the file location

  2. Click on the file and drag it into Excel

Open and view all files types

  1. Click open in Excel, then Click Browse

  2. Change the file types drop down from All Excel Files to All files

  3. Select the file and click open

  4. On the Text Import Wizard click Finish.

After completing one of the above methods, you should have your downloaded report displayed in excel. If you save the file in excel, the next time you need it, it'll be in an excel format. Easy as that!

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