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What is Telehealth by coreplus?
What is Telehealth by coreplus?

Learn what telehealth is and why it's important for your practice

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Telehealth by coreplus is our own integration that allows you to have video conferences online with your clients. Telehealth modernises consultation and keeps you up to date in an era where almost everything can be done online. With the recent pandemic, telehealth has become an instrumental feature for our users in providing their services virtually.

In this article, we'll discuss what telehealth can truly offer and why it's important for your practice.

How does Telehealth by coreplus function?

Once you create a telehealth appointment, a link for the video conference meeting will automatically be created. You can copy the link and provide it to the client to join. You can also add a placeholder in your appointment reminders that will automatically fetch the telehealth link.

The client can open the session by just pasting the link into their browser and hitting enter, they'll have to enter their name first before joining. The practitioner can join the session by clicking on the Launch telehealth call button in the appointment, they can join with the link as well.

A telehealth call can host a maximum of 4 participants which is great for couple counseling and consultation with children whose parents need to be present.

What features does Telehealth by coreplus have and how are they useful?

Telehealth has a range of useful features which can make the video conference feel like a real-life experience. Some of the most important telehealth features are:

πŸ’»Screen sharing: This feature allows you to share your screen with participants. You can share your whole screen, or share one of the applications you have open.

This comes in handy when you want to show and guide your client through something that they are not familiar with. Being able to see the whole process makes it very easy for the client.

πŸ’¬ Telehealth Chat: While in the call, if the client wants to share an important document with you then they can do it via the chat function in telehealth. You can learn more about it here: Telehealth by coreplus chat

πŸ“‹Telehealth Whiteboard: The whiteboard feature allows participants to draw together during a session. With this feature, participants can illustrate important information and make it easier for each other to understand. Please, visit our Telehealth by coreplus whiteboard article to learn more about this feature.

In addition to these, Telehealth by coreplus has many other features which can be used to utilise the most out of this integration. We have a separate article for you that outlines all these features: Features of Telehealth by coreplus

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