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Telehealth by coreplus whiteboard

Draw with your clients during a Telehealth by coreplus session

Updated over a week ago

The whiteboard function offers participants to draw together during a Telehealth by coreplus session.

To use the whiteboard by clicking on the drawing button.

You have several options within the whiteboard,

  • 🎨 Colour pallet: Select a colour to draw with. The colour pallet icon will change colour to reflect the selected colour

  • πŸ–ŠοΈ Eraser: Removes drawings.

  • πŸ’§ Ink drop: Disables the drawing mode for you only. Other participants will still be able to draw.

  • ⬆️ Arrow up: Only in practitioner view. Syncs drawings, so a participant who joined after the drawing has started can see the drawing

  • πŸ—‘οΈ Bin: Only in practitioner view. Clears all drawings

  • ❌Cross: Exits whiteboard mode. If you go back in, your drawing will be waiting for you.

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