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Telehealth by coreplus chat

Chat with participants or send and receive files

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Telehealth by coreplus includes a chat function where you can engage in text chat, or send and receive files from other participants. This article outlines how to get the most out of the Telehealth by coreplus chat feature.

πŸ“ Before you can use the chat feature you'll need to Enable Telehealth by coreplus and Create and launch a Telehealth by coreplus appointment

This article includes:

Chat to participants

1. To open the chat window click the Chat icon.

2. Type your message. To send, press enter or click on the paper plane icon.

3. When other participants are typing, you'll see a message in the chat window.

4. When you're done chatting, you can close the chat window by clicking the chat icon or clicking the X at the top right of the chat window.

πŸ’‘ If a participant sends a chat message while you have the chat window closed, you'll hear a chime and a red notification dot will appear on the chat icon.

Share files

1. To share a file, drag and drop the file into the chat or click the paperclip icon and select the file from your file explorer.

2. To save the shared file to your client's file click where is says "Click here to permanently save this file to client file". This option is only visible in the practitioner view.

3. You can download the shared file by clicking the down arrow next to the file name.

πŸ’‘ Shared files that are not saved will be permanently deleted after the telehealth session has ended

Access saved files and chat transcripts

After your telehealth session, you can find a transcript of your chat and any saved files in the Files section of the client's file.

You can also find the chat transcript in the Edit Appointment window under Attached Files:

1. Simply navigate to the Client File > Appointments. Select the appointment you wish to visit the transcript from

2. Click on the appointment and you will be navigated automatically to the calendar and the edit window

3. From here, scroll down to Attached Files

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